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The Parent & Teen Toolbox

Apr 6, 2021

It’s hard to determine whether your child’s ‘erratic behavior’ equates to a sensory processing issue or whether it’s just plain old acting out.


Either way - trying to ascertain what’s driving these behaviors can be really hard for parents to navigate.

In this episode I talk with Dana about how she dealt with - not only the challenges that her daughter was facing - but also how she learned, as a parent, to offer the right support her daughter needed.

Dana discusses the importance of trusting your intuition as a parent - as you know your child best - and you can read through the tantrums (or the silences) and see beneath the behaviors.

Whilst the teen years are indeed a challenge - negotiating these times with either ADHD or Anxiety (or indeed both) compounds the struggles that have to be addressed.

We discuss some of the things to watch out for - though indeed every child is different - and some of the coping strategies that will make life a little bit easier to deal with.

More about Dana Baker-Williams
As a coach, Dana takes a practical, positive approach to parenting – which means no added stress, guilt, or pressure.


Parenting is not a one-size-fits-all and Dana knows the toll that stress, anxiety, and ADHD can take on a family.


Dana offers guidance, encouragement, and practical suggestions to make connecting in the family easier and to help you parent through the challenges with confidence and a good dose of humor because…kids!


Dana’s clients feel an improvement in their relationships quickly; subtle shifts and an ability to look at the situation with curiosity and openness make an inordinate and heartwarming difference.

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This week I turn One Year Old 🎉🎂

Ok - so that's stretching it a bit ...
My Podcast : The Parent & Teen Toolbox is One Year Old!

On April 1st 2020 I launched my new Podcast 🎉

If you cast your mind back - we were just settling down into our first lockdown - and to be honest we were beginning to feel the pressure.
I wanted to help parents and teenagers adjust to what was becoming the "new norm" and the fastest way to do just that was through a Podcast!
And One year later we are still going strong.
I have released an episode every Tuesday ever since and I have loved every minute.
I have spoken to some fantastic people - and we have covered many different topics.

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