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The Parent & Teen Toolbox

Apr 13, 2021

β€œNonbinary kids are not broken by default. They are not an issue to overcome, fix or β€˜deal with. Given the right environment, there is no reason they can’t thrive like anyone else.”

The most common issues trans+ people face are lack of acceptance and lack of understanding. By educating ourselves we have the power to make our interactions more considerate and empathic.

Our kids need the space to grow and be comfortable with their own choices and it is our responsibility as their parents to hold that space.

It is also super important that we do not put the responsibility onto our children to educate us and put us at ease.

In this episode, Harris explains what trans+ and nonbinary mean.
Harris also suggests 3 questions that you might ask your nonbinary child - to open up the conversation :
What name and pronouns should I use for you?
How public or private do you want this information to be?
What support do you already have and can I offer support in any way?


More about Harris Hill :

Mx. Harris Eddie Hill (they/them or ey/em pronouns)
Harris is a 30-something-year-old nonbinary person from Hertfordshire, UK.


Harris realized they were trans/nonbinary in their mid-twenties and have since made the commitment to becoming the advocate they needed, but never had.

To date, Harris has taught and coached over 30,000 people in their mission to educate the general population about gender identity. An entrepreneur and seasoned LGBTQ+ advocate, Harris is dedicated to making every story as familiar to us as our own.

Why Gender Identity?

Homelessness, suicide, and poor mental health affect the trans and nonbinary community at a disproportionate rate, and Harris is dedicated to improving those odds.


The biggest reason that trans and nonbinary people are at such a high risk of poor wellbeing is because of cultural transphobia, which looks like a lack of acceptance, lack of acknowledgment, exclusion, and a high occurrence of hate crimes and discrimination.

We can all help to change that problem collectively by becoming more educated and actively working together to make sure our homes, schools, and places of work are passionately inclusive of our community. Beyond that, we also need to think about the structural changes that need to take place within our societies for equality to be possible.


M: (+44) 07907 455 437
FREE Download : Trans+ Gender Identity : A Guide for Beginners :


This week I turn One Year Old πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

Ok - so that's stretching it a bit ...
My Podcast : The Parent & Teen Toolbox is One Year Old!

On April 1st 2020 I launched my new Podcast πŸŽ‰

If you cast your mind back - we were just settling down into our first lockdown - and to be honest we were beginning to feel the pressure.
I wanted to help parents and teenagers adjust to what was becoming the "new norm" and the fastest way to do just that was through a Podcast!
And One year later we are still going strong.
I have released an episode every Tuesday ever since and I have loved every minute.
I have spoken to some fantastic people - and we have covered many different topics.

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