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The Parent & Teen Toolbox

Aug 3, 2021

Our kids have had a really uncertain time over the past 18 months - and each of them is reading differently.


Some are wanting to escape and meet up with their friends again and others are rather reluctant to venture too far from home… better the devil you know, right?


Many parents are worried about how far behind their kids are falling with their education and are planning to use the summer as an opportunity to catch up.


In this episode I discuss :

* Why your child needs a total switch off
* Why you should allow them to sleep in
* How to cope with their attachment to technology
* Why it’s OK to ignore the mess in their bedrooms


Want to know more? Then Grab a cuppa - and keep listening!

Need a bit more support with the whole “Summer Holidays Thing”?
10 Ideas to Help You and Your Teenager Navigate the Summer Holidays
Grab a copy of my FREE handout : HERE : 📍


My Anxiety course provides you with support by :

✔️ Recognising the triggers
Understanding Anxiety - and why we don’t want to get rid of it all together
Learning a couple of techniques to help you stop a panic attack in it’s tracks
How as a parent, you can support your anxious child


If you or your child are struggling with your emotions at the minute - then I have a great online course that introduces you to 7 different breathing exercises that a can get you out of many sticky situations :


* Three Questions to Ask Your Uncommunicative Child :

All too often parents say to me :

“My child won’t speak to me”
“I know something’s not quite right - but they won’t tell me what’s wrong.”

Well, I have a resource for you.

Download this FREE Resource : 📍

It will help you reconnect with your child quickly and easily; and in a way that will not drive them to their bedroom to avoid you!

If you are looking for support at a deeper level for your child, then please book a call with me. Invariably they might only need a couple of sessions. But if we can give our kids the tools to improve their emotional wellbeing NOW - then you’re more likely to alleviate the longer term damage to their mental health.

Details of all further podcasts can be found on my website :

Please also have a look at my YouTube channel for additional support.

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