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The Parent & Teen Toolbox

Aug 10, 2021

For many parents, having to prepare meals for their families day-in-day-out, soon takes the enjoyment out of cooking.
Preparing food for our kids becomes a chore - and this builds resentment on all sides!

Couple this with the fact that we still want to offer our kids healthy food - it can be soul-destroying when they either refuse the meals that we provide (in favor of fast food alternatives) or smother the whole plate in ketchup - or in our family, sriracha sauce!!

In this episode Julie explains how eating a lower sugar diet has literally revolutionized her family’s lives.

And she also offers some practical advice that we can all implement now - so that those mealtime battles become a thing of the past!


Want to know more? Then Grab a cuppa - and keep listening!

More about Julie :
Julie Krummenacher is a Pharmacist, Chef, and a Mother of twins, and she is passionate about empowering moms to help their family become healthier. 

Julie always thought she was healthy, and was often praised for her healthy lifestyle—she was a vegetarian for many years, she exercised, and she was not overweight.  But when she tried to get pregnant, she found out that she had a form of infertility related to diabetes—from eating too much sugar! 

Foods that she thought were healthy actually had TONS of sugar hiding in them.  She changed her diet and with the help of fertility treatments, was able to have twins!  She did not want her kids’ health to limit them from achieving their dreams, and she soon realized that if she wanted her kids to eat healthy, it needed to taste good! 

Julie went to culinary school when her kids were young and combined that experience with her background in research to craft healthy recipes that are bursting with flavor. 

Julie shares her recipes, healthy cooking tips, and how to involve kids so that moms can take control of their family’s health by making meals EASIER, HEALTHIER, and TASTE AMAZING!

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