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The Parent & Teen Toolbox

Oct 26, 2021

This crazy old world can be very overwhelming sometimes - no matter what age you are; and I know from experience that we need to take care of our health (mentally and physically).


It’s too easy to forget about ourselves - whilst we continue to spin plates and react to the chaos around us. However, when we do neglect our own needs - then the cracks start to show.


In this episode, I am chatting with Sam Bernice - who is founder of The Children’s Yoga Foundation. I quickly learn that yoga is not just about sitting on a mat and testing your own flexibility. It is an entire wellbeing philosophy that will help parents and children alike, establish a better relationship with ourselves so that we can better cope with the challenges that we often face on a daily basis.


Want to know more? Then Grab a cuppa - and keep listening!
More about Samantha :
Hi – I’m Sam, founder of Sam B Yoga and The Children’s Yoga Foundation.


In my 20 years of teaching in schools and being a parent of three, I have noticed children developing more and more problems with their mental health. There is so much pressure put on teachers and parents to help with this, but many of us are struggling with our own mental health.

How can the practice of yoga help you or your child? Yoga is not just about the postures and getting on the mat. Following this science and philosophy offers us as parents deep contentment and wisdom that can be shared with our children.


Modeling self-care and well-being techniques continually guide and support our children. The practice of yoga, especially off the mat, aids our children in recognising and managing their emotions, instilling healthy habits and mastering their minds in a journey of self-discovery. So as parents, it all starts with us. Ask yourself, are you ok? How can you optimise your well-being, to be a better Mum/Dad/person?

A lovely place to start is trying out family yoga together. It will strengthen your connection and help you learn about it in a fun way. Try reading some books on yoga, try some postures and give some breathing techniques a go. If you need any help or guidance, I have many years of experience in making it exciting, appealing and accessible to our younger generation. Why not give it a go!


How to Contact Samantha Bernice:


Books mentioned during this episode :

Tiger-Tiger, Is It True?: Four Questions to Make You Smile Again : Byron Katie

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art : James Nester

My Anxiety course provides you with support by :

✔️ Recognising the triggers
Understanding Anxiety - and why we don’t want to get rid of it all together
Learning a couple of techniques to help you stop a panic attack in it’s tracks
How as a parent, you can support your anxious child


If you or your child are struggling with your emotions at the minute - then I have a great online course that introduces you to 7 different breathing exercises that a can get you out of many sticky situations :


* Three Questions to Ask Your Uncommunicative Child :

All too often parents say to me :

“My child won’t speak to me”
“I know something’s not quite right - but they won’t tell me what’s wrong.”

Well, I have a resource for you.

Download this FREE Resource : 📍

It will help you reconnect with your child quickly and easily; and in a way that will not drive them to their bedroom to avoid you!

If you are looking for support at a deeper level for your child, then please book a call with me. Invariably they might only need a couple of sessions. But if we can give our kids the tools to improve their emotional wellbeing NOW - then you’re more likely to alleviate the longer term damage to their mental health.

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