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The Parent & Teen Toolbox

Jul 28, 2020

The teenage years are a real struggle for many. Parents and children alike.

In the previous episode, I wrote a letter to “A Struggling Parent” - so, it’s only fair I write a letter to “A Struggling Teenager.”

If you are parent listing to this - invite you to share this episode with your child. It might...

Jul 21, 2020

EP 19 - Dear Parent of a Struggling Child

They do say :

“You are only as happy as your saddest child”

When your child is struggling, as their parent, it can occupy your every waking thought.


I get it.
I was that Mum.


So, I have written you a letter.

Dear Parent of a Struggling Child,

It’s hard isn’t...

Jul 14, 2020

“I’m bored”

“There’s nothing to do.”


Do the holidays fill you with dread? 
Or are you thrilled that there are no rules to have to follow?


Summer might be a little different this year - as there are still travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus. As a result, many of us are staying closer to home...

Jul 7, 2020

You have tried to support your child by helping them develop good study habits and showing them the importance of a well balanced daily routine.

But their grades are dropping and they just seem disinterested.


“What’s the point?”

“Schoolwork is boring.”


In this episode, I discuss the difference between...