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The Parent & Teen Toolbox

May 19, 2020

In this episode, I give you 5 techniques that will help you to start to think more positively.


This current pandemic has created some very worrying times for many of us.


The media is spewing out so much negativity, which if unchecked can really affect our mental wellbeing.


I offer 5 pointers that will help you develop a more positive mindset :

1. Practice GRATITUDE

2. CHALLENGE the Negativity

3. WHO are you paying attention to?




Remember that: Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results.

We find ourselves in strange times at the minute. Parenting is very different.

Globally, many countries are in lockdown, in a bid to ‘Beat The Coronavirus’.

I have decided to start this podcast with a COVID-19 Series where I support parents throughout this time. This episode helps you if you are raising teenagers.

Here, I offer you support and suggestions, helping you to cope with family life at home.


I have a handout that accompanies this episode and it can be downloaded from my website: 



Anxiety levels are understandable, heightened in this current climate.


My Anxiety course provides you with support by:

✔️ Recognising the triggers

Understanding Anxiety - and why we don’t want to get rid of it altogether

Learning a couple of techniques to help you stop a panic attack in its tracks

How as a parent, you can support your anxious child


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If you or your child are struggling with your emotions at the minute - then I have a great online course that introduces you to 7 different breathing exercises that a can get you out of many sticky situations :


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Details of all further podcasts can be found on my website :

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