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The Parent & Teen Toolbox

Sep 22, 2020

In this episode, I am speaking with Simon Benn: The Children’s Happiness Expert.


Simon helps Parents to Inspire Their Children to be Confident, Resilient & Happy Through Fun!


“I empower parents to inspire their children to be confident, resilient & happy with a fun process that's already helped 1,600 8 to 11-year-olds.”


Simon’s expertly imparts his wisdom through metaphors - which I believe, really helps us to remember the message - long after we first heard it!

Hear how we can ditch the Parental Guilt by understanding that we are all Perfect Diamonds and that focusing on the external stuff will only keep us stuck in the rut of ‘not being a good enough parent’.


By understanding that “It’s all about the YET-ness” helps parents, not only to forgive themselves for their imperfections and but to realize that every feeling is a choice.


I was a mostly happy child apart from some bullying for my buck teeth and at scout camp where an older boy made my life hell. 


I started my career in the family business after leaving university in 1989.


I worked in educational publishing creating classroom materials to help children learn and be safe.

One of our largest projects was 5 million copies of Roald Dahl’s Guide To Railway Safety to stop children playing on railway lines and endangering their lives.

We also created safety posters and maths materials for Thames Water, literacy materials for Reuters, and a club for young people interested in conservation for WWF.


I took over the business in 1995 when my parents retired. 


The business became my life and its performance decided my mood.

I worried about failing and even when success came it felt hollow and empty. 


So I got into personal development, learned LOTS, and eventually decided to sell my business and become a coach.

I started working with kids in 2013 and found my true vocation – inspiring kids to be happy and empowering their parents to do that.

You can contact Simon through his website: 📍


If you need to get in touch - Please email me at

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