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The Parent & Teen Toolbox

Sep 15, 2020

Parenting can be exciting and overwhelming in equal measure.


Dealing with your big emotions can be quite a struggle sometimes - especially if you aren’t quite sure what’s going on in your head and your body. Throw family life into the mix and some situations can sometimes become less easy to manage.


In the episode, I talk with Aparna Venkataraman about how sensory self-care can really help us get in touch with our emotions - and she offers suggestions on how to deal with that.

 Aparna explains the effectiveness of breathwork and meditation in the simplest of terms - so that even the beginner will leave this episode with calming techniques that will help parents reconnect with themselves and their families.

Having 15 years of experience connecting with families in schools, children's hospitals and non-profit organizations such as United Way, Boys & Girls Club, and her local child advocacy center, Aparna Venkataraman is the founder of Beauty In Parenting and is a parent coach, meditation teacher, motivational speaker and global wellness advocate for DoTerra Essential Oils.  


With her approachable nature, strong intuition, and problem-solving skills, she guides parents of babies, toddlers, and teens to empower themselves and build healthy relationships with one another through joyful self-care, effective communication, confidence-building, and lighthearted mindfulness techniques.  


She is a proud member of NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and values authenticity, a kind nature, motivation, love, compassion, gratitude, and humor as key components of a beautiful life.


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* Three Questions to Ask Your Uncommunicative Child :

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* Breathing Through BIG Emotions :

If you or your child are struggling with your emotions at the minute - then I have a great online course that introduces you to 7 different breathing exercises that a can get you out of many sticky situations :


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