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The Parent & Teen Toolbox

Apr 27, 2021

Are you having to deal with drug or alcohol misuse - either for yourself or someone close to you?

It’s a real challenge. I know - I have traveled that path.

In this episode, I chat with Victoria Seed who is a Family Recover Specialist. How I wish I had been able to chat with her when we were struggling as a family.

We talk about how families can get the support that they need.
We run through her 6 Key Strategies in coping with a loved one’s substance misuse.


1. Help and Support
2. Understanding Recovery and Setting Boundaries
3. Rewarding a Sober Loved One
4. Positive Communications
5. Helping Without Enabling
6. Withdrawing when someone is Intoxicated


More about Victoria Seed :


Victoria is a Family Recovery Specialist and helps family members living with a loved one’s addiction to reduce stress and live a better life. 

She does this by supporting family members, friends, and partners to learn effective strategies to cope through one-to-one support or group work programs. 

Having worked in the public sector and the third sector, including HMPrison Service, NHS, and charitable organizations, she has spent a significant amount of her career helping families as a qualified substance misuse practitioner, NLP practitioner, teacher, and safeguarding trainer, and consultant. 


Victoria’s vision is to provide a range of online support and forge a community, helping women and families live their lives fully and free from addiction. The work she does ensures her client group recovers from the impact of problem drug and alcohol use. She also helps families get their loved one’s get the help they need AND guide them to encouraging their loved one into treatment!


She has done this work since 2005 and has helped hundreds of families into recovery.

10 ways

Family Recovery Club (free Facebook Support Group for Women)
The Vesta Approach Facebook Page
Clubhouse @victoriaseed


This month I turn One Year Old 🎉🎂

Ok - so that's stretching it a bit ...
My Podcast: The Parent & Teen Toolbox is One Year Old!

On April 1st, 2020 I launched my new Podcast 🎉

If you cast your mind back - we were just settling down into our first lockdown - and to be honest, we were beginning to feel the pressure.
I wanted to help parents and teenagers adjust to what was becoming the "new norm" and the fastest way to do just that was through a Podcast!
And one year later we are still going strong.
I have released an episode every Tuesday ever since and I have loved every minute.
I have spoken to some fantastic people - and we have covered many different topics.

You can get the full list of titles here:
Anyway - I digress ...

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This comes, as always with Much Love 💕
Chat soon
Cai x

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